ABRA® Surgical & Adhesive

Access Pro Medical serves as the exclusive distributor for the ABRA line of products in the United States.  The ABRA Surgical & ABRA Adhesive systems close retracted skin defects through continuous cyclic stretching, allowing for a tension free primary closure instead of skin grafting or other painful and unappealing reconstructive procedures.

Indications for Use

The ABRA Surgical kit is designed to close retracted full thickness wounds up to 20 cm in length with a medium to high force.

The ABRA Adhesive kit is designed to close full thickness wounds up to 30 cm in length with a low to medium amount of force.

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Superior Outcomes

Both functionally and cosmetically1


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Fast Closures

Averaging a few days after application4

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Closing Skin & Fascia

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Skin Expansion

Caused by collagen fiber rotation3
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Bands called elastomers stretch with patient movement4
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No OR Required

With installation, adjustments, & removal possible at bedside5

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